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European Union Strengthens Supports for Indonesian Cities to Improve Resilience

Six cities in Indonesia comprised of Tangerang, Makassar, Denpasar, Malang, Palembang and Depok signed commitment letters to obtain supports from the European Union (EU) through International Urban Cooperation (IUC) Asia in developing climate action plans aiming to build city resilience in Tangerang City on 17 September 2019. Tangerang signed a commitment to join the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, an international coalition of cities and local authorities with the shared long-term vision of promoting and supporting voluntary action to combat climate change and move to a low-carbon society and climate resilient future. Meanwhile Makassar, Denpasar, Malang, Palembang and Depok signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become pilot cities of GCoM in developing action plans for climate change mitigation and adaption to build city resilience. Mayor of Tangerang graced the event and signed the commitment together with high-level officials from Makassar, Denpasar, Malang, Palembang and Depok city administrations. The signing was witnessed by the European Union delegation, GCoM South East Asia Secretariat representative and IUC Asia senior management.

Following the commitment signing, IUC Asia will involve Tangerang City Administration in its programs including capacity building, technical assistance and financing opportunities. While the pilot cities will be the first member cities receiving the support from IUC Asia to develop comprehensive climate action plans which processes and results will be used as models for other participating cities.

The signing ceremony was a special session of the Knowledge Management Forum entitled “Climate Mitigation and Adaptation towards City Resilience” co-hosted by the IUC Asia, GCoM South East Asia Secretariat, Tangerang City Administration and the Local Governments Association of Indonesia (APEKSI) held on 16-17 September 2019.

The Forum gathered approximately 50 representatives from GCoM cities and local governments under the Climate Change Working Group in Indonesia, line ministries and agencies, private sector and academia. The activity was supported by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) as well as by selected GCoM partners. During the event, thematic discussion on mitigation and adaptation, as well as networking session of the Global Covenant of Mayors took place in order to promote activities and local action on climate change in Indonesia.

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