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City's Adaptation Goals and Priorities

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    Climate change in Southeast Asia is expected to lead to significant variations in precipitation patterns, increased incidence of severe weather events, higher temperatures, and sea-level rise in many highly populated coastal regions. These changes will negatively impact agricultural yields, biodiversity, forest harvests, and availability of clean water. It will also lead to a greater incidence of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. An increased demand for energy and water could strain the ability of urban infrastructure systems to deliver essential services. These impacts cumulatively could slow economic development, causing economic losses of $230 billion, or an equivalent of 6.7% of gross domestic product (GDP), each year by 2100—more than twice the global average loss of 2.6%—and endanger the livelihoods of millions of people (Asian Development Bank).
    • What are your cities’ adaptation goals and time frame?
    • What are your cities’ priorities with regards to climate adaptation?
    • How cities have adapted to climate hazards, vulnerability and risks?

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