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Cities in Asia

Following cities have signed up to the Compact of Mayors and are thus part of the Global Covenant of Mayors:

CityCountryPopulation (inhab.)
1Ansan CityRepublic of Korea753.604
2ChangwonRepublic of Korea1.080.000
3Daegu Metropolitan CityRepublic of Korea2.493.264
4Dangjin CityRepublic of Korea166.782
5Jeonju CityRepublic of Korea 658.172
6Nam-Gu, IncheonRepublic of Korea418.066
7SeoulRepublic of Korea10.386.339
8Suwon Republic of Korea1.209.169
9Balikpapan  Indonesia440.552
10Banda Aceh  Indonesia223.446
11Bandung  Indonesia2.575.478
12Banjarmasin  Indonesia612.849
13Bogor  Indonesia891.467
14Bontang  Indonesia140.238
15Jakarta  Indonesia9.600.000
16Jambi  Indonesia515.901
17Kendari  Indonesia264.673
18Kupang  Indonesia378.425
19Malang  Indonesia820.243
20Mataram  Indonesia402.843
21Padang  Indonesia1.000.096
22Probolinngo  Indonesia196.957
23Sukabumi  Indonesia311.822
24Surabaya  Indonesia2.853.661
25Tanjungpinang  Indonesia177.396
26Tarakan City  Indonesia193.069
27Hong KongChina7.310.000
28Seberang PeraiMalaysia900.000


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