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Indonesia Best Practices

Revitalization of Public Space

City Jambi, Sumatera

Date: May 23, 2019

Revitalization of Public Space

Jambi, one city in Sumatera Island, Indonesia has been pro-actively implementing sustainable urban development to create a more livable city. With population of over 750.000 people and over one million people during the day, and administrative area only cover 176 KM2, the density is 2,766 people/KM2. City has very minim of public space and lack of public entertainment, and with limited to none of eco-tourism destination in Jambi City, makes community hunger of public space to entertain. To answer those demands and fulfill city responsibility in providing public space, City takes initiative to revitalize the public space around the Kota Baru area.

The revitalization of public space in Kota Baru is a local government initiative to renew and rebuild the public space around the Kota Baru Area. Transformed it from a dark, dingy, unorganized public space into a colorful, space efficient, and multifunctional public space divided into 2 distinct properties: the pedestrian Jomblo Park and the Keris Siginjay monument.

During the day, evening weekday or weekend, Kotabaru pedestrian and Keris Siginjay Monument area used to be quite and boring place. It used to be an ordinary place, nothing special. With the recent development, during the weekday in the morning, many people visit the place to have short exercise while playing with their kids along the pedestrian. Over hundred people come and enjoying this public space, and the art and cultural stage provided by the city. The art and cultural stage is organized by the 11 districts in Jambi city to fill the event with traditional dance and life music for people to enjoy. Each district every week has to prepare the performance, that often contributing from the community itself, and collaboration schools in their neighborhood area. Totally in a year, this site got over 4 million visit from local community and outsiders.


The pedestrian and Keris Siginjay monuments, create an environmental friendly public space, it enhances the greeneries of the city, create car free night and during the weekend in this area. Thus, reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emission from cars in the city, people like to cycle along the area renting the bike from local vendors. It creates a healthy habit for people.

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