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Vietnam Best Practices

Tan Hoa-Lo Gom Canal (THLG) Clean-Up and Urban Upgrade

Ho Chi Minh City

Date: May 23, 2019

Tan Hoa-Lo Gom Canal (THLG) Clean-Up and Urban Upgrade

Specific Objectives

Solid waste collection and dumping organization up to acceptable standards and evaluated in view of their replicability

Improvement and evaluation of Canal infrastructure and housing facilities in THLG canal area in view of their replicability

Treatment of the waste water of the DEN canal through aerated lagoon technology and evaluated in view of its replicability

Socio-economic support and capacity building enhancement.



Outcomes and Impacts

The quality of life related to environment and urban development issues for people living in urban areas has been improved.

Garbage collectors finally ended up with shorter collection times and increased incomes after the built of the 72-tons/day Ba Lai small transfer station.

The building replaces the previous unhygienic rendezvous point in the street. It is washed down every day and causes no harm (odor, rats, dust) to the residents hence improved city’s environmental conditions.

The third output is the establishment of environmental education programs for primary schools and raising awareness in the communities. The education team produced an Environmental Education toolkit, which was well received at city and national education levels. Communities were encouraged to sort waste at source, thereby helping reduce the waste volume and facilitating recycling, which is a major source of income for private collectors.

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